Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Too fat to fight

This site was taken from AirForce Ted's website You Dont Have to Run Alone
It is just another example of what the obesity epidemic is doing to our country. Chances are if you read this website, you are not directly affected. Please join me in the fight to educate and demonstrate a healthy lifestyle.


Saturday, July 17, 2010

Summer training

It is certainly summer here in Southwest Florida. I have been starting my runs between 5:15 and 6am. My newest training partner is Tiger, my Dad's German Shepherd. He is almost four and all 110 pounds are full of energy. I have started taking him 2 to 3 miles in the morning before my regular runs. He is great protection and is going well on a short Caesar Milano soft lead. My Shepherd Lexi is getting a little old and little too furry for much running.
This week was week one one of my 16 week marathon training for the marine corps marathon. I hope to run a little faster in this one. I have added a Tuesday speed session and a Thursday longer run. I hope I can keep this up.
The Cardiac running/walking group continues. I am adding in more running intervals now that they are gaining confidences and endurance. The group is growing slowly. I hope to have more patients show up. This week I listened to the Endurance planet podcast and they spoke with the trail Geek of the month. I don't remember his name but the story is similar to others that I have read. He was overweight and out of shape nearly 40 year old that was encouraged to tray a 5k. He liked it and one thing lead to the next and now he has run several 100 miles races and is very conscious of his nutrition and has lost a ton of weight.
I think exercise is the key first step. Especially running. You start running and then start paying attention to nutrition to run better. There is no fad diets or quick fixes just the learned enjoyment of running and then a healthy lifestyle. Otherwise the weight just yoyos on and off.
I had a patient tell me the other day that his son was one of those exercise and nutrition "nuts". I told him he was only a nut in the eyes of overweight sedentary America that we have come to know as normal. Hopefully, someday the nuts will be the known as the couch potatoes that serf from one fast food place to the next.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Firecracker 5K July 3, 2010

I started a group of beginning runners from my patient population about 8 weeks ago. I put sign up sheets in the office advertising free 5k training on two nights a week. I encouraged all my cardiac patients to consider. Most would not even look at the sheets despite them being posted above the sign in sheets, the sign out, and over the scales. I finally got a few takers and the groupt started. 5 patiennts signed up. One has a temporary knee injury. The remaining four patients have had either angioplasty or coronary bypass surgery. They have met and walked and jogged a little twice weekly over the past 8 weeks. Three completed the 5K this weekend with one winning second in her age group. These were non exercisers. The grew to enjoy the walking/jogging and each others company. They had a great time running/walking Saturday despite the heat. I hope that these folks will set an example for the rest of my patients that that they are too old not to join. Hats off to the group. I think we may need a name.