Saturday, August 29, 2009

Running in the rain

Summer and early fall in Florida is the rainy season. Typically, afternoon rains that are short lived. One might think this would be an excellent time to run and enjoy a brief reprieve from the heat. However, lightening and thunder often accompany these rains. Lightening strikes are very common in Florida and result in several fatalities at year. Therefore, the experienced Floridian takes shelter during these potentially cooling rains.
Today, I ran with my daughter's XC team in Sarasota. The sunrise was accompanied my clouds and rain. We waited til the early storms passed and then went out for the weekly bridge run. It didn't take long for the clouds to find us and periods of rain were strong. The thunder held off until the end and we managed to complete the distance.
Running in the rain does provide an opportunity to test equipment to be used in the marathon. Cloths typically do not cause a problem until at least 15 miles. I have found that SmartWool socks can take a soaking and not leave blisters. Carrying my cellphone in a baggy placed in my waist pouch also helps to keep it dry. During this part of my marathon training I start to decide what clothes I will wear in the marathon. It will certainly be a lot cooler in Ireland, but I am able to decide what rubs an doesn't at this point. Tomorrow is a 20 miler so I will test a new hydration pak with a gel flask for the first time in a while. I am leaning toward the Hammer gels at this stage. I am using a combination of Accelerade and Motortabs for hydration.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

This week in training

Another week in the logbook. 49 miles total. Two speed workouts. The first was 1.5 mile at race pace followed by bridge run. The second more intense was 4 x 1mi repeats at max 8:48. I continue with push-ups and pull-ups and single leg squats as strength supplementation. Mainly, planks for core. On Sunday's long run of 16 miles, I tested two things one not planned. The not planned test was the effectiveness of smart wool socks in the rain. I experienced 4 separate rains during my 3 hr run. One was a foot soaking down pour at mile 8. No blisters from the smart wool so I think they will be going to Dublin. I did a 5:1 run walk program today. I improved my average pace from 11:38 to 11:21. The last long run i did 4:1 run walk after 8 miles of straight running. The pace for the first 8 was similar on both days. I did slow after 10 miles today. I am not sure why. My HR did get into the 150s in the first 8 but not significantly.

Alternative Boston Marathon Training

Going to get these guys to go to Dublin right Rom

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Weekend of Sunny Runs

Saturday's 6.2 mile run was in Sarasota running across the Ringling Bridge and around the marina. Pictured above is a view from the marina park looking over the bay. The weather was great for August in Florida. Low humidity and a nice breeze. Sunday we ran in Punta Gorda. I added two speed work days this week as well. Tuesday was short bursts of 40 seconds hard with 30 seconds easy for 15 times. Thursday did 3min hard and 2 minutes easy repeating 6 times. On my 18 mile long run Sunday we ran the first 8 straight and then I went to 4:1 minute walk run ratio. That seemed to work well getting me over the 18 mile hump. I am trying to talk myself into the walk run method for the Dublin Marathon. I have heard a lot of great reports from people using this method.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Marathon Training Continues

Week 4 started with a 14.6 mile run with the Dublin training team in part. Carol walked 3mi while nursing a leg/back injury. Addie ran 11 and Tom and I finished the rest. Slow pace at 10:47mi/min pace. Temp was in the 80s by the time we finished. Monday was a rest day. Today a little introduction to VO2 max training with 30sec hard with 30 sec. easy. for 15 reps. for total am mileage of 3miles. A pm run included a couple of hill repeats of a quarter mile since lightening kept us from the bridge run for a total of 5.5 miles. Easy run Wednesday. Going to the beach for a long weekend beginning Thursday so will be doing some beach runs. My goal this week is also to add another mile to my Vibram five finger running for total of 3miles.