Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Publix Georgia Marathon

Wow the hills! I knew the area around the CNN tower and Emory University was hilly and I looked at the topography map of the marathon but wow. 26.2 miles of up and down. Up and down. At about mile 6 I figured out the theme. Up and down. Beautiful course by parks, Emory University, Georgia Tech, and St Agnes. Extremely well organized and supported. Lots of cheering at all aide stations. Great weather at 55 and cloudy. Addie ran the half and Tom, Carol, and I ran the full. We stayed at the Embassy Suites which was right outside the start. Perfect. It was so nice running another half with Addie two weeks in a row. Pretty pround of the college freshman sucking it up and doing two halves in two weeks. I ran a good 20 miles then started to have left hip/leg cramps in the last twenty. I was forced to walk DOWN the hills and could run up. How crazy. Frustrated that I could not make time on the downhills. My hydration and nutrution was good. My hips just could not handle the hills. Not bad. 4:44 finish. Not my worst by far. I enjoyed the whole thing. We met the Team in Training Atlanta chapter that Addie plans to join this summer.
Mom started chemotherapy this week and so far so good. Her attitude is wonderful.
We brought her back a Team in Training hat. Funny that favorite colors are green and purple. It all works. Now will turn my focus to tri training with a surge towards Grandmas in June if all is good at home.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Be fearless in the face of your fears

My new mantra. It is working so far. Did a PR at New Orleans that was unexpected. Many events scheduled. Making plans without worries. Then my mother has back pain. Nothing out of the ordinary for a 77 yo women that is very active. Then it got worse. Trip to ER. MRI abnormal. CT scan shows diffusely enlarged lymph nodes. Biopsy a few hours later. Non Hodgkin's lymphoma stage III. Frozen. Get a grip. Line up the team. I am so fortunate to have so many resources at my disposal. So many friends. All lining up to help. Suddenly, I have learned to slow and take one moment at a time. Nothing for granted.
Atlanta marathon on for this Sunday then Mom starts chemo Monday. My race will be over and hers will be starting. I will be her support crew. My race means nothing. Hers everything. I joined Team in Training yesterday to honor her race. I will raise funds for them for her and all of those less fortunate. My hope is that she can be at the finish at the Savannah marathon in the fall healthy. I will still help the wounded warriors but I must honor support her race and help fight her fight.
So we will take one day at a time and help each other and fight the fight and appreciate what each day has to offer. I will be linking my team in training web site and updating as we go along.