Sunday, September 27, 2009

Beating the heat

Another week of training logged. Long run today was 17 miles. I started on the treadmill at 5:30 am to get 5.5 miles in before going out in the heat. I do not like to run in the dark for safety reasons. I did not eat before running and started taking in Perpetuem as a paste at 20 minute intervals. I only used water for hydration. I did take an Endurlyte capsule each hour. I had no nausea and my legs felt good. I had a couple of fatigue type episodes near the end. I think I may need to take in a little more paste. I mixed five scoops into 1.5 gel flasks and had about 4 servings left.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Training update

Finished a 20 miler Sunday. Conditions hot and humid. 78F to start at 6:30 am and 89 F at 10:55 am. I can tell just how hot it is by what time my shorts are soaked. If it is around 8 miles into the run I am in trouble. There was a little breeze earlier that gave me a little hope and a few clouds helped as well.
Today I tried a new nutrition routine. As I read in a booklet put out by hammer nutrition they recommend not eating within 3 hours of an endurance event lasting more than 2 hours. So I had a gel at 3 am with water and went back to sleep. I started running at 6:45am and started taking Hammer Perpetuem every 10 minutes which was a couple of swallows and a Hammer gel small serving every 20 minutes. I noticed early that I had no muscle fatigue at the 8-9 mile mark where I usually feel the need for nutrition. Even mile 16 and 17 legs still good. I was just getting hot despite adding another fluid bottle with a MotorTab in it. I finished with total body weakness and some dizziness but no leg fatigue. I was also nauseated. This passed after a coke slushy, ice tea and water. Then I was fine so I think it was more dehydration and elevated core temp more than anything. Today, I feel fine. I also took an Endurlyte capsule every hour for a total of 3. I think these made me a little nauseated as well because I had a wave of nausea about 30min after swallowing them.
I think I will stick with the pre race fast of 3 hours. I may alternate Heed and Perpetuem. I am going to forgo the Endurlytes next run.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Got to love your socks

Running is thought to be a minimalist sport. Shoes, socks, shorts and and a shirt and out the door. Things are not quite that simple. Take socks. There are running forums talking about gear. Podcasts questions about gear. And of course blogs about gear. No one has ever died from a blister while running, but they are a aggravating. That little nagging pain on your toe or arch that pounds with each step. Not so bad for 3 miles but 26 or 50, nasty. Is it the shoes or the socks. Buy big shoes to prevent toenail loss and get blisters. Deadly combination is bodyglide to the feet and shoes that are too big. What if it rains? I always defer to the ultra guys. They know the tricks from bodyglide to the feet to duct tape. I started with Thorlors which are wicking but thick. My thought was more padding for the long run. However, they can cramp the toes leading to toenail loss-my theory. This marathon training period I have rotated Ascics L and R socks, Balega, Smartwool, and Injini. All have been good and the thinness has not been a problem as far as cushioning. For running in the rain I think I will go with the Smartwool as they seem to hold less water. I have used the duct tape over a blister and it does work. It is taking the tape off your feet that is the issue.
It is great to interact with runners but the sport is not that simple.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Weekly Running Highlights

Finally, I completed my longest run so far during this marathon training period of 19.5 miles. It was a little less humid and I hydrated a little better before. It was slow but I ran the whole thing. Just needed to get over the mental hump of 19 miles. Now, I will focus a little more on pace as the heat allows. I could see my heart rate starting to climb at the end mainly due to the heat. I used the Hammer produce Heed and Motor Tabs for my sports drink and Hammer banana gel. I also took 3 Endurlyte capsules during the last 2 hours. Not sure if I liked them or not. After the run I drank my usual Coke Icie which is just for the cold rush then a Recoverite drink. I did not have any soreness the next day so I think there may be something to the recovery drink.
We ran the GT Bray 5K on Labor Day which is a local open 5K to open the XC season. The high school teams run as well as the usual locals, coaches and parents. It is a fun event. Since it was the second day after my long run I took it easy and gradually increased my pace at the end. It was more of a tempo run than a race for me I guess. I finished 27:38 which was ok given my race plan. The weather was warm but not too humid. The course is part pavement and part dirt trail through the park. A nice change for a road runner. They had about 430 runners so it was a nice crowd. The finish is along a tree lined dirt trail in the park which allows a lot of opportunity to cheer for runners as they come to the last .1 mile.
I have been watching the weather in Ireland and have ordered running Capris and a rain jacket. Maybe that will insure a sunny day for the race. Gradually getting my gear together and determining which equipment will make the trip.