Monday, September 21, 2009

Training update

Finished a 20 miler Sunday. Conditions hot and humid. 78F to start at 6:30 am and 89 F at 10:55 am. I can tell just how hot it is by what time my shorts are soaked. If it is around 8 miles into the run I am in trouble. There was a little breeze earlier that gave me a little hope and a few clouds helped as well.
Today I tried a new nutrition routine. As I read in a booklet put out by hammer nutrition they recommend not eating within 3 hours of an endurance event lasting more than 2 hours. So I had a gel at 3 am with water and went back to sleep. I started running at 6:45am and started taking Hammer Perpetuem every 10 minutes which was a couple of swallows and a Hammer gel small serving every 20 minutes. I noticed early that I had no muscle fatigue at the 8-9 mile mark where I usually feel the need for nutrition. Even mile 16 and 17 legs still good. I was just getting hot despite adding another fluid bottle with a MotorTab in it. I finished with total body weakness and some dizziness but no leg fatigue. I was also nauseated. This passed after a coke slushy, ice tea and water. Then I was fine so I think it was more dehydration and elevated core temp more than anything. Today, I feel fine. I also took an Endurlyte capsule every hour for a total of 3. I think these made me a little nauseated as well because I had a wave of nausea about 30min after swallowing them.
I think I will stick with the pre race fast of 3 hours. I may alternate Heed and Perpetuem. I am going to forgo the Endurlytes next run.

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