Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Weekly Running Highlights

Finally, I completed my longest run so far during this marathon training period of 19.5 miles. It was a little less humid and I hydrated a little better before. It was slow but I ran the whole thing. Just needed to get over the mental hump of 19 miles. Now, I will focus a little more on pace as the heat allows. I could see my heart rate starting to climb at the end mainly due to the heat. I used the Hammer produce Heed and Motor Tabs for my sports drink and Hammer banana gel. I also took 3 Endurlyte capsules during the last 2 hours. Not sure if I liked them or not. After the run I drank my usual Coke Icie which is just for the cold rush then a Recoverite drink. I did not have any soreness the next day so I think there may be something to the recovery drink.
We ran the GT Bray 5K on Labor Day which is a local open 5K to open the XC season. The high school teams run as well as the usual locals, coaches and parents. It is a fun event. Since it was the second day after my long run I took it easy and gradually increased my pace at the end. It was more of a tempo run than a race for me I guess. I finished 27:38 which was ok given my race plan. The weather was warm but not too humid. The course is part pavement and part dirt trail through the park. A nice change for a road runner. They had about 430 runners so it was a nice crowd. The finish is along a tree lined dirt trail in the park which allows a lot of opportunity to cheer for runners as they come to the last .1 mile.
I have been watching the weather in Ireland and have ordered running Capris and a rain jacket. Maybe that will insure a sunny day for the race. Gradually getting my gear together and determining which equipment will make the trip.

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