Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Got to love your socks

Running is thought to be a minimalist sport. Shoes, socks, shorts and and a shirt and out the door. Things are not quite that simple. Take socks. There are running forums talking about gear. Podcasts questions about gear. And of course blogs about gear. No one has ever died from a blister while running, but they are a aggravating. That little nagging pain on your toe or arch that pounds with each step. Not so bad for 3 miles but 26 or 50, nasty. Is it the shoes or the socks. Buy big shoes to prevent toenail loss and get blisters. Deadly combination is bodyglide to the feet and shoes that are too big. What if it rains? I always defer to the ultra guys. They know the tricks from bodyglide to the feet to duct tape. I started with Thorlors which are wicking but thick. My thought was more padding for the long run. However, they can cramp the toes leading to toenail loss-my theory. This marathon training period I have rotated Ascics L and R socks, Balega, Smartwool, and Injini. All have been good and the thinness has not been a problem as far as cushioning. For running in the rain I think I will go with the Smartwool as they seem to hold less water. I have used the duct tape over a blister and it does work. It is taking the tape off your feet that is the issue.
It is great to interact with runners but the sport is not that simple.

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