Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sarastota Half Marathon

Good day at the races. PR of 1:58:33 and 20th in age group. Temperature at start was 65F. No wind and overcast skies made the temperature more tolerable. Felt strong on the bridge going both directions. I think the burpees, strength workouts and speed drills were the difference in time. The pace felt moderate and controlled until the last 3. Legs started feeling heavy at that point. Reality could have struggled through a few more miles at that pace but would then have fallen back.
Next up: Gasparilla Marathon Relay.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Fun day at track practice

I am going to make Fridays a game or fun day if our schedule permits.
Yesterday we did two games
Frisbee relay: Two teams with a mark 60M down the lacrosse field. Each teams has a thrower. He/she launches the Frisbee and the sprinter takes off and catches and runs to the mark and returns. Team to finish tosses to all participants first wins.
Agility course: I set up various exercises along the perimeter of the lacrosse field. Each team sent one athlete at a time to complete the course. They tagged there teammate upon arriving back for and sent another. First team to finish wins. The first station was a plyometric box to jump on and off. Second; low hurdles to hop over with both feet. Third; a ladder to high knee through with a medicine ball over there head. Forth; 15M to hop on one foot between cones and an final sprint home.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Completing week 2 of track season. I am working with the sprinters. It is a young but energetic team. We have been working on technique, strength and endurance. We also have Incorporated the 101 day burpee challenge to our strength training and are up to 14.
We will start the jumping events next week. I have identified a couple of guys who I think will be excellent. I would like more to try as many events as they can to get a well rounded experience.
My running is going well. I think the drills and strength training is helping me as well. The Sarasota half marathon is in one week. My mileage is in the low 40s/week so my endurance should be fine. Off to my real job for a little while.