Saturday, February 7, 2009

Fun day at track practice

I am going to make Fridays a game or fun day if our schedule permits.
Yesterday we did two games
Frisbee relay: Two teams with a mark 60M down the lacrosse field. Each teams has a thrower. He/she launches the Frisbee and the sprinter takes off and catches and runs to the mark and returns. Team to finish tosses to all participants first wins.
Agility course: I set up various exercises along the perimeter of the lacrosse field. Each team sent one athlete at a time to complete the course. They tagged there teammate upon arriving back for and sent another. First team to finish wins. The first station was a plyometric box to jump on and off. Second; low hurdles to hop over with both feet. Third; a ladder to high knee through with a medicine ball over there head. Forth; 15M to hop on one foot between cones and an final sprint home.