Sunday, August 23, 2009

This week in training

Another week in the logbook. 49 miles total. Two speed workouts. The first was 1.5 mile at race pace followed by bridge run. The second more intense was 4 x 1mi repeats at max 8:48. I continue with push-ups and pull-ups and single leg squats as strength supplementation. Mainly, planks for core. On Sunday's long run of 16 miles, I tested two things one not planned. The not planned test was the effectiveness of smart wool socks in the rain. I experienced 4 separate rains during my 3 hr run. One was a foot soaking down pour at mile 8. No blisters from the smart wool so I think they will be going to Dublin. I did a 5:1 run walk program today. I improved my average pace from 11:38 to 11:21. The last long run i did 4:1 run walk after 8 miles of straight running. The pace for the first 8 was similar on both days. I did slow after 10 miles today. I am not sure why. My HR did get into the 150s in the first 8 but not significantly.

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