Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Marathon Training Continues

Week 4 started with a 14.6 mile run with the Dublin training team in part. Carol walked 3mi while nursing a leg/back injury. Addie ran 11 and Tom and I finished the rest. Slow pace at 10:47mi/min pace. Temp was in the 80s by the time we finished. Monday was a rest day. Today a little introduction to VO2 max training with 30sec hard with 30 sec. easy. for 15 reps. for total am mileage of 3miles. A pm run included a couple of hill repeats of a quarter mile since lightening kept us from the bridge run for a total of 5.5 miles. Easy run Wednesday. Going to the beach for a long weekend beginning Thursday so will be doing some beach runs. My goal this week is also to add another mile to my Vibram five finger running for total of 3miles.

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