Saturday, June 6, 2009

Denise Amber Lee 5k

The Denise Amber Lee 5K was held at Englewood Beach on the same route as the county line run. The proceeds of this run went to the DeniseAmberLee foundation to raise awareness and support education of the 911 system. Denise was a young mother of two boys who was abducted from her home in North Port in broad daylight who was assaulted and killed. The tragedy was that there were several 911 calls made by her and others who witness what they correctly identified a women in distress and the dispatch system failed. Her husband and family have formed the foundation in her honor to try to educate and prevent further tragedies.
There was a fair turnout for the race despite a brewing thunderstorm all morning. The race went off under good conditions except for a little welcomed wind. The rains, thunder and lightning came quickly as the last finishers were crossing. The Joules were missing one today. Addie had SATs so we had to excuse her. Carol has been battling sinusitis and bronchitis but was there for a strong race to the finish placing second in her age. Tom(rom) finished first in his age group beating his latest pr by 30sec. and I finished first in my age group despite a little slower time.
The Port Charlotte Zoomers running club managed the event and did a stellar job despite the weather and last minute need to assume greater responsibility for the event than just race day organization. Hats off to Bob Geyer and his team for another event well done. The Zoomers is a small running club but organizes and helps run many local 5ks.


  1. What a great race , huh? Just thinking about the Lee/Goff family kept me going...the humidity was higher than I expected for the morning though!

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