Sunday, April 11, 2010

Count down begins

We are well into taper mode. Did 10 miles easy on Saturday. Today just 3.2 miles to keep loose. Starting to track the weather. I am hoping for high 50s and dry. I still have a little discomfort on the ball of my right foot. I think it is just a little tendinitis and it gets better as I run. I have decided on my fueling strategy I will mix my Seabiscuit fuel concentrated in two containers which will provide about 700 calories. Seabiscuit fuel is a custom blend of electrolyes , carbohydrates and amino acids from Intuit Sports Inc. They formulate your drink based on your size, effort, sweating and absorption issues. The other 200-300 will come from the Gatorade on the course and a couple of gels. My goal is less that 4:36 and I figure about 200 calories per hour. Usually I go under just because it is hard to ingest much after a while. I will be wearing the Brook Launches and the rest of the kit to suit the weather in Boston.
We will be attending the AMAA medical meeting in Boston over race weekend. Hopefully, will learn some interesting things about distance running and health issues.

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