Sunday, May 16, 2010

Trifit Duathalon Relay

The Fit-triathalon was quite an event yesterday at Siesta Key, Florida. There was Sprint distance tri and duathalons as well as international distance tri and duathalons. We signed up for the relay with three mixed teams. The international duathalon was a 5K , then 26mile bike, and 10K to finish. The run was on the beach and the other legs were on the road. They had a huge turn out of people. All ages, sizes and shapes. From finishers to very competitive racers. Mountain bikes to high tech tribikes. There were a lot of families as well. The setting was beautiful on one of the most beautiful beaches in Florida. The swim waves were fun to watch with their different colored caps running into the water. The swam a challenging course in the gulf on pretty calm seas. The water temperature was about 85F. The 5K run was down the beach which is very flat with hard packed sand. The challenge was coming out to the road for transition in the soft sugary sand. The bike leg looped twice around the key which is quite scenic. The 10K went .25mi on trail then down the beach road and back. A little hot by mid morning but nevertheless a pretty run. We had a great time cheering each other on each leg of the race. Everyone gave there best effort.
Most notable was the anniversary of Howards first shock. Four years ago my friend developed a near lethal arrhythmias that required multiple defibrillations as well as multiple procedures to correct the problem. A lot of people would have quit there and then, and lived a life in constant fear. He has resumed an active life and has been training hard to get himself in bike racing shape. His effort was admirable. Another friend had angioplasty 4 months ago and is also back in racing shape. Both have changed their lifestyles but neither had to change their motivation. Both lead quietly by example.
There were a lot of heroes there yesterday in the heat. Some you think would have had trouble walking to get the paper completed the events smiling. There were daughter-dad teams and children and parents competing. It just goes to show you that we can all compete. It just takes the will to get out there. It is my hope that I can encourage people to get out there and tri or du or just run

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