Monday, November 7, 2011

Savannah Marsthon

Official time 4:29:03. Dedicated to my Mother and TNT. Thanks to all the friends and family that supported us. My mother was a great inspiration through her chemo. She remained positive and determined and is doing well. Until the day I left for Savannah and she fell and sprained her ankle. Thanks again to my friends Dawn and Howard for taking charge getting her and my father taken care of.
The Rock and roll people do a great job putting on a marathon. Very well organized from the shuttles to the portalets. The course was ok. Not too scenic but open so you did not have to weave. The people were very friendly and welcoming. A good race to do but not repeat. I did not get involved with the TNT events other then to raise my money. There were not others in my town and there was no coaching support. That was ok because I didn't want a beginner plan. I was supported by my friends and family and that was quite enough.
I didnt really have any major regrets in then race. I had a few down spots which responded to nutrition. No GI issues which is key. I must say being vegan was more ofna benefitnthen hindrance in the GI department. I am no more sore and felt better after being vegan.
I faded at the end again. No walking but just slowed down despite trying to maintain my pace. I think I need more tempo runs of longer duration tonhold the pace. Sugar cubes was my new secret weapon during the last 10k. Just enough sugar to the brain to keep then fight
I was quite proud that my daughter Addie ran the half despite a toe fracture 6 weeks ago. I love that she has developed a similar passion for running. And then Joules, Carol and Tom. What great running buddies. They are both gear inspirations.
Now I will turn my focus to the Las Vegas marathon in December.

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