Saturday, March 21, 2009

Achilles Heel

Have not posted recently secondary my lack of running and prolonged injury. Fine then not fine. It seems whatever the injury 4-6weeks is needed to fix it. This time Achilles tendon inflammation and a possible bone bruise. I walked as soon as I developed pain but it did not seem to help. Motrin, and ice and no running. Steroid injection along side the tendon. Now ultrasound. Gradually, getting better but so slow. I probably made it worse running that leg in the relay but it was worth it. Finally, today I gave in and biked. I had hoped a few weeks of rest and I would be back running. Being on my feet coaching probably does not aid much either but that too is not an option. So I wait. I have still been doing my core stuff and some dead lifts which don't seem to affect my foot. I have completed week four of rest. Maybe I will get lucky and not need week six.

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