Sunday, October 4, 2009

Last long run

My last 20 miler is in the logbook. I am pleased to say it went very well. I did 6 miles on the treadmill before it got light to help beat the heat. As before, I do not feel comfortable running in the dark anymore. I then did the next fourteen in Punta Gorda. I ate nothing before since I started at 5:30 am and had dinner late Saturday night. At twenty minute intervals I took sips of Hammer Propetuem concentrated into a paste from the gel flask. I had some left over so I think it will take me the 26.2miles. I will carry a couple of Hammer Gels for back up during the marathon in case something happens. I drank water every 10 minutes or so. I took endurlytes every hour to 45 minutes. While I was running, I listened to podcasts. Brandon's podcast suggested that electrolyte depletion may cause feet pain. I think he has something. At 16 miles I increased the endurlytes and had very little feet discomfort. After the run I had a Revoverite drink and all is well.
Now I will enter the taper period where I will lower the mileage and increase the speed work some. My nutrition plan is good. I now will watch the weather to see what my final clothes will be. I think I will use my waist pak that holds a gel flask and water bottle.

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