Sunday, January 2, 2011

Plans for the new year

January 2 and I am registered for four marathons. Miami, Mardi Gras, Atlanta and Grandmas. So much for the specific training for times. It looks more like a survival plan. Peer pressure has definitely got the better of me. I think team Joule needs help.
I will begin to fund raise for wounded warriors and plan to run each event for that particular charity. I also plan to keep cross training to transition into triathlons. Sprint distance in the spring and then a 70.3 in August perhaps. Certainly it will be an odd way to base train for triathlons but you need to start somewhere.
Starting tomorrow back to training diet which is mostly vegetarian. Breakfast and lunch vegan then dinner varies. I have found dairy is not my friend so it is easy to avoid.
Happy New Year to all !

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