Monday, February 14, 2011

PB when you least expect it

Two marathons completed so far this year. Miami and Mardi Gras. I have been running less and cross training more so I really have not developed the confidence that I have enough to finish a marathon strong. My running sessions have been more specific with intervals once a week, a tempo run and a longer run. The longer runs have been to time and not to distance and I have not run longer then 17 miles. Most runs 14 or 15 miles. They have had tempo miles in them however. I have run 45 minutes at 9:30 pace multiple times. My best marathon pace was 10:35 min miles. I have determined my anaerobic threshold is high 150s to 160s so I tried to run Miami avoiding then160s til the end. In that marathon I had a bonk zone miles 21,22, and 23 then came back and finished strong. I didn't think it was hydration but more low sugar. I have had trouble tolerating the gels late and have fear given the Marine corps experience of 2004.
After 12 marathons, I have learned to avoid dairy the night before. I believably the power off endurlyes to stave off muscle cramps and fatigue. I have not been happy with my pre race breakfast. I am convinced it needs to be twe hours before the marathon starts. This marathon I had coffee maker oatmeal: one packet of oatmeal in a glass and run water through the coffee pot with a packet of sugar. I also had a small cup of coffee and a mini cliff bar. I sipped on a bottle of heed til about an hour before the race.
The temperature was 39f. A little cold for me. I had on thin tights and a 2x compression top with my TeamHope race shirt on top. Still running with the Brooks Launch and injingi toe socks. Learning what mental plan works best for me. Justnlike everything else in my life. Little chunks at a time. No big loads. First 10k then get to half marathon. First 6 miles sports drink then start the gels every three to four miles. Take them with water bits at a time. Sports drink on other stops to thirst. I took endurlytes every half hour after the first hour. I then look to get to mile 20. First to 15 and 17. That is the first spot I can get into trouble. I felt good at Mardi Gras. I substituted a bag of sports beans at 17 to brak it up. I dont need water with them. The next goal is 20 miles just an hour to go. Then just one at a time. I took a mini bag of skittles at 24 miles. Rocket fuel for last two miles. I try to push mile 25 and 26 and enjoy the crowds. It worked for Mardi Gras this time for an all time PB 4:26:48.
Looking at spits only a couple of pace dips so there is a little wiggle room. I still have hopes for the sub four before the big slide. Next up Sarasota half then Atlanta marathon. Must do hill work.

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