Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Back on the road

Glad to report that I have completed my fourth day of running in a row-pain free. It is so good to be back on the road. I have lost a lot of endurance but it will come back. I have also been running in the early evening so it is getting a little hot. I will not be ready for a late spring marathon so I will turn my attention to early fall. Would love to Boston Qualify but not sure I will make it this go around. I will settle for an injury free period. I listened to the Boston Marathon race director during a podcast tonight while running. He didn't seem to enjoy his job. He seemed like a grumpy old man that did not like runners. Maybe he has been doing it too long. It certainly was not a advertisement to run the race. After hearing that I think I would like to run it once and then go on. It also sounds like they may change the qualifying times because so many people want in. He said about 20% of the field were charity runners who do not qualify. There are so many marathons, I think they could afford to have one with only qualifiers. But I suspect they don't want to turn down the money. Funny.

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