Sunday, April 5, 2009

Special Olympians

Saturday was the area Special Olympics meet. Our local athletes competed very well and set personal bests in several events. Trevor ran a 1:03 400M dash and threw the discus 36feet. Richard proudly ran in the Torch relay. We had a 4 x100 M team. Anna did a 400M wheel chair race and could have gone on and on. Erin demonstrated perfect discus form despite being less than 5 feet tall. Many other athletes did great as well. There next step will be to the state games in Disney World in May. These athletes compete with all of their heart and sole without complaints or requests. They compete every time to the best of their ability. They are happy for their fellow athlete and cheer vigorously for their teammates and the achievements of others. There kindness and sincerity is to be admired. I was glad to help with the event by coaching and cheering. I salute these athletes and look forward to watching them compete in future events.
I would encourage anyone to help these athletes in anyway that they can for they truly compete for the love of the games.

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