Friday, May 1, 2009

Garmin 305 is my friend

I purchased a new Garmin 305 last fall as a backup to my Polar RS820 as a mileage, pace, and HR tracker. The Polar monitor is easy to see and the footpod allows good monitoring of pace. The HR band is comfortable. The footpod can be a nuisance at times with the batteries and communication with the chest strap. The Polar software is also quite good to track trends and totals. Buckeye Outdoors requires manual input from Polar devices so I though I would try sportstrack software and upload the Garmin direct. It works beautiful and you can also see the satalite images of your run. The data is just as good as the Polar except for the breakdown of HRs at various points along the way.
I have decided to try the Galloway method for my next marathon. I uploaded a workout on the Garmin to run 4min and walk 1min for the long runs. This was great and I actually ran my last run quicker with the walk breaks than running straight. Cool.

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  1. hi jami, sorry i dont know what a garmin is , a sort of navi i guess?